The best logic games

Logic games are great entertainment, but also an exercise for our mind. They help to think, affect concentration, support our logic and creativity. Such games are especially recommended to younger players because they develop their mind skills. Even so, everyone likes puzzle games! We present the ranking of the five best logic games ever created:

  • NEIGHBORS FROM THE HELL- a game loved by all generations. It is characterized by the unique humor, a cartoon atmosphere and an interesting soundtrack. This is a truly logic game, which involves making your neighbors miserable. Our hero is a participant of the reality show and he has to complete the task of making jokes and pranks, while he must watch out for dangers waiting on his way. You have to think hard to complete the task!
  • CRAZY MACHINES 3 - an interesting game where the task is to construct unusual machines that must perform specific functions. Use the available set of parts for this. Machines operate on a domino basis. There is more than one way to solve it, which makes the game more creative and interesting.
  • BODY OF EVIDENCE - an extremely unusual game of Polish origin. The player plays the role of a murderer who must cover the traces of a crime. He is forced to get rid of the body, clean up the blood and at the same time to draw the attention of people who knock on his door for something else.
    The best logic games
  • THE ROOM - this is an extremely original proposition for fans of slightly darker climates. The game takes place in the eponymous room. There is a very complicated safe there. The player's task is to solve a number of logic puzzles and open the safe.
  • THE TURING TEST - a game that will appeal especially to science fiction fans. The player takes the role of the astronaut Ava Turing, who was sent into space to explore the unknown, alien life forms - seemingly harmless.