Best online multiplayer games of all time

Everybody has different preferences about the games and gameplay. Many people like solo games. They like going through the story from the beginning to the end. Others, in turn, love games in which they can face real opponents or make an alliance with friends fighting against the forces of evil. In the list below, we will present some of the best multiplayer games.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Shooter fans surely know Tom Clancy's tactical TPS series. The latest part of Tom Clancy’s The Division series beats popularity records from the release date. The game takes us to the destroyed, post-apocalyptic Washington. The multiplayer mode allows us to cooperate with players in the fight against antagonists. This is certainly one of the best tactical multiplayer shooters.

Best online multiplayer games of all time

League of Legends

League of Legends, in short called LoL, is probably one of the most popular games in the world, which has been winning the hearts of players for the last decade. This is a MOBA which means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, set in a fantastic world. The online battles which last around half an hour are carried out between players from two teams. LoL has been enjoying the title of one of the best networked MOBAs for many years. The game has developed a micropayment system, and the in-game currency is often available as a prize or bonus on gaming platforms, such as Gamehag.

World of Tanks

Thousands of people around the world love war games. Titles in which we can perform tank fights in the FPS or TPS system are very popular. World of Tanks is one of the most popular and best multiplayer war games. We have dozens of machines from different periods and different factions here. World of Tanks is certainly the best and most popular multiplayer war shooter.


OGame is a title which has been known to players around the world for over a dozen years. This multiplayer game is set in a distant galaxy and is based on a strategy system. At OGame, we play the role of colonists who inhabit the planet and take care of its civilization and economic development. The game has almost two decades, so it certainly has one of the largest groups of players. Some OGame veterans already have huge, fully developed planetary systems.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is (just like LoL) a multiplayer MOBA. Clashes are carried out between two five-person teams.This game is set in a fantastic, futuristic world. There are many strategic elements in it. Dota 2 has a really high rating among players and is very popular. The creators do not stop offering new modes and possibilities for gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: Online

Grand Theft Auto or GTA for short, is known for over two decades now. Every few years a new part comes out, introducing new, interesting elements. GTA V, among other things, got its multiplayer mode, which is called GTA Online. In the game, we can perform hundreds of solo or team missions. The game has an internal currency which significantly facilitates and diversifies the game. Top-ups in this currency can often be spotted as prizes for winning on external platforms.