Origin Access. Is it worth it?

Origin Access is an interesting solution for players using PCs. This subscription costs just a few pounds a month or a dozen pounds for a one year subscription. The basic level of Origin Access gives many bonuses and opportunities to each player.

The  access to the permanently expanded games library is the main advantage of having Origin Access. All people who decide to purchase a subscription can play all the games in the library without any restrictions throughout the subscription period. Many people treat this bonus as the biggest plus of having Origin Access.

An Origin Access subscription is also an opportunity to try new games appearing on Origin a few days before the premiere. Although, those are pre-release trial versions of the games, for many people it is another very attractive reason why you should buy a subscription.

Origin Access. Is it worth it?

The subscription also allows you to shop with a bonus in the form of a 10% discount. With this discount you can buy digital products on Origin without any restrictions. You can buy games, accessories, skins, weapons and many other products.

The basic version of the Origin Access subscription can be upgraded with the Premier package at any time. All you need to do is to change the subscription and buy the Premier version in the management panel. The change will be made immediately. Thanks to this change, you can get immediate access to all the benefits, for example more discounts, longer game time in earlier access and many more. Subscribers of  Origin Access in the full Premier version get new games a few days before their release. These are full versions of games, not demos like with the basic package.

All the bonuses which Origin Access offers look really attractive. Having pre-release access to games will be especially useful for youtubers or gaming reporters. It allows you to go through some games and upload reviews and guides long before others do. In addition, Origin Access does not require subscribers to purchase each game separately. One subscription opens the door to dozens of productions.