World of Tanks: game guide for beginners

War Games represent a genre loved by players around the world. Who among us does not remember the first simulators of flying, games with tanks or simple FPS and TPS set in times of war. Today, war games have evolved strongly and offer their players high-class entertainment.

Currently the  most popular game set in war times is World of Tanks. It is a game which has been winning the hearts of players all over the world for several years now. Since 2010, WoT enables players to have great entertainment in multiplayer mode. This game, as the name suggests, is set on the battlefield. You play here as a tank crew fighting with each other. World of Tanks is a great MMO action simulator and shooter.

However, when you start playing World of Tanks, you should learn some important information and prepare for the fight properly. Going to the battlefield in a random tank, we can quickly lose and loose our game. Therefore it is worth to check which machines work best at the very beginning. A few useful tips and a hint on how to play to win will also be useful on the battlefield.

World of Tanks: game guide for beginners

We start the game creating an account on the server. Usually we are automatically redirected to the European server, but it is worth choosing the right language for you. Then just follow the instructions when downloading and installing the game.

It’s worth to start the game with the tutorial. You should pass the "novice guide" and "combat training", which allow you to learn not only the rules but also the controls in the game. In addition, the training is awarded with a fairly high amount of experience points and cash. It is worth playing the first games while expanding “the tree” of Soviet tanks. These are quite well armored and safe which is the best for novice players. Choosing the MS-1 tank we can be sure we will use it for a long time. The second tank which is worth buying is the T-26, which opens the way for the purchase of other machines.

When buying a crew for our tanks, it is worth remembering to buy them twice as much as we planned. Some of them can then be sent to the barracks, where they improve their statistics. Thanks to this, we can exchange the crew for "rested ones" every few battles and keep the game at a high level. It is also worth to remember about regular tank upgrades and soldiers training. All of that helps us getting achievements in the game. Many players are able to win battles with basic machines, which are just properly mastered, and driven by an improved and well trained crew.

By sticking to these basic rules, we will successfully develop our skills and come out of many skirmishes as the winner. However, if you want to dive into the details of the game a little, it is worth looking for guides or entries on forums such as Gamehag. You can find there useful tips and tricks.