Days Gone review

Bend Studio, which has created a spin-off of the series about Nathan Drake titled Uncharted: Golden Abyss a few years ago, was so delighted in the creation of adventure action games that in 2019 they have released a post-apocalyptic adventure game called Days Gone which is breaking all records of popularity. The game has already won the hearts of people around the world, despite the fact that at this point it’s only a few days after premiere. The fans of post-apo, motorcycles, open worlds and the atmosphere and mechanics similar to the best-selling The Last Of Us will find something for themselves in this game.


Days Gone, as we mentioned, is a sandbox action adventure game with a lot of themes known from shooters or racing games. The plot of the game is set two years after the outbreak of a deadly virus, which decimated the society, turning people into mindless, aggressive, hungry monsters. In Days Gone, we play the role of Deacon - a former member of a motorcycle gang who is trying to cope with the new reality which is still shocking for him.

Days Gone review

At the beginning of the game, we travel with our companion, but in the first few acts of the game he becomes attacked by a dangerous cult and gets heavily maimed. Further interaction with this friend usually takes place by radio conversation or while visiting our common base. Deacon, called Deac by most of the survivors, has to travel all by himself. During the game, we often return to the pre-epidemic memories. There, we get to know one of the reasons for the grief of modern Deac. The man is trying to cope with the death of his life's love - Sarah - and the loss of his pre-pandemic life.


The story of Days Gone is based primarily on survival and not, as in many similar titles, on finding an antidote for the ongoing epidemic. The game uses interesting mechanics. The whole ecosystem and surroundings give the impression of being alive and dependent on mutual interactions. Zombies react not only to the player, but to themselves, animals and sounds. As in the previously mentioned TLOF, we need specific materials to be able to continue playing. For example when the weapon is destroyed, we must repair it. Saving the game, in turn, is possible only when our bike is close - however, to be able to ride it, fuel is necessary.


Days Goneis a piece of a really cool, interesting game. Despite the minimal inaccuracies or technical errors that can be found during gameplay, this exclusive title for the PS4 is a game really worth playing.