Artistic games of the last five years

Artistic games are a very niche topic, not only in Poland, but all over the world. The gameplay background has depth. Exclusive graphic design solutions and amazing soundtracks are used. An important function here is the aesthetics, minimalism and simplicity. The game should be remarkable, aesthetically different and encourage players to reflection. It is worth paying attention. To bring you closer to the topic, we've prepared a ranking of five great art games.

  • BOUND - the game puts a lot of emphasis on an ambitious and mature story. The main character is the ballet dancer, for whom Maria Udod herself with the participation of her choreographer Michał Adam Góral recorded the animation. The music was created by Oleg "Heinali" Shpudeiko. It’s based on a geometric and contrasting graphic setting.
  • INDYGO - is a very intimate game, telling about a painter suffering from depression. The story takes place in one room only, where our painter hides from the world. The goal of the game is to increase public awareness about depression. There is a subtle, audiovisual frame which delights and at the same time overwhelms the subject.
  • MY MEMORY OF US - this is seemingly light, bound in a cartoon convention game. But when we start to play, the plot takes on a completely unexpected sense. The story undoubtedly refers to the Holocaust. This metaphorical game is a very disturbing tale.
    Artistic games of the last five years
  • GRIS - The eponymous Gris is the main character of the game. Gris is a young girl full of hope but also extremely different feelings. Together with the main character of the game, we travel through amazing places and try to deal with difficult emotions. As in previous productions of the game’s creator - the game is accompanied by a great audiovisual setting, one of a kind.
  • UNRAVEL - offers a wonderful graphics design and music soundtracks game, where the protagonist is a creature made of yarn. The game is characterized by an extremely large dose of melancholy and draws attention to the passing and the need to come to terms with this inevitable part of life.