Favorite women's games

Nowadays, there is no sexual division among players. There are many mobile games available on the market, which means that everyone can find something for themselves. Today we will focus on games that certainly deserve to be called women's favorite games:

  • MY CAFE: RECIPES AND STORIES - this game is about creating a dream cafe. The player influences its appearance, development and earnings. Everything is accompanied by a plot that focuses on the fate and various adventures of the town's inhabitants. It is in a sense a strategic game and it is not simple. Going to the next stages you need to plan, save money and make wise choices.
  • DANCING WITH THE STARS - the game takes you to the reality of a world-famous program focusing on dance. In puzzles, three identical elements should be adjusted - this allows you to unblock the next dance moves. Only the player depends on how the dance will go. There are live performances every week, during which the judges evaluate the dance. The whole game is accompanied by an amazing aura, beautiful costumes and a thrilling dance music.
    Favorite women's games
  • CANDY CRUSH SAGA - not only women’s favourite! It's a puzzle game involving moving various sweets on the board so at least three of them are in the same row or column. Each level has a different challenge, for example, you only need to make a certain number of moves to complete the task.
  • THE SIMS MOBILE - a game that steals the hearts of women for many years. Moving it to a mobile platform was a dream  come true for many people. The Sims is a simulator of life, called a half-joking, half-serious game of God. In the game you should manage the life of your Sim, or the whole family, from basic needs, such as hygiene or sleep, to fulfill their dreams and career goals.
  • TOWNSHIP - is a strategic game, belonging to the city builder genre. The player's task is to create an efficient and wonderfully prospering town. Colorful, fabulous appearance makes the game very pleasant to receive and draws in for hours.