How to find good games for me to play?

If you're just starting your adventure with games or had a long break in your gaming career, you've definitely wondering how to find games for yourself. This task may seem difficult, especially due to the number of games available on the market. How to find good titles and which platform is the best? We will try to answer these questions

Currently, there is not only a variety of games but also gaming platforms. Players around the world use different consoles, PCs, smartphones, tablets and browsers as their gaming platforms. In the first place, it is worth considering which platform interests us the most. This is a very individual matter and depends on preferences. Do we prefer to play sitting on the couch more than at the desk? Even this question is important in this matter. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Once we decide on the equipment we would like to play on, it is worth considering the type of games which we might be interested in. This decision can be based for example on our favorite literary genres, preferences and skills. It is also important to decide if we are mainly interested in the plot or, for example, we want to de-stress. On this basis, we are able to narrow down the search for a game to specific genres.

How to find good games for me to play?

Very often our interests and what we want the game to offer us is the key to find games which are good for us. People who love fantasy and history and want to focus on the storyline will love role-playing action games and classic RPGs. Sports lovers can enjoy sports games and action games. People who want to relax and clear their mind after a hard day at work can become fans of shooters and hack & slash games, especially in multiplayer mode.

At this moment we can use some artificial intelligence for help. There are numerous of portals, games websites, internet rankings, encyclopedias of games or gaming platforms. Games on such portals are usually arranged with genres and well cataloged, so you can easily find something for yourself. Many other players opinions, ratings and detailed descriptions of each game can also help to decide if the game is worth our time. In addition, platforms such as Gamehag offer the possibility of gaining additional prizes in the form of games, in exchange for playing even free titles. Thanks to this, you can quickly grow your collection.