Games with cats

Cats are unique animals. They have won the hearts of people all over the world. They dominate our homes and the internet, which is full of memes, photos and videos showing these unique creatures. They make us laugh. If, like us, you cannot imagine a day without a cat's presence in your life, we encourage you to read the ranking of games that we have prepared especially for you! 

  • CAT SIMULATOR: KITTY CRAFT - a game for real cat freaks! It belongs to the arcade genre, in which the player takes on the role of a tiny cat full of charm. The game is ... being just a cat. He walks around the houses, visits the gardens, hunts for mice and makes jokes to people by destroying household decorations.
  • CAT QUEST - is an open-world RPG game containing a large dose of comedy. The action of the game is located in a fantasy land called Felingrad. It is mainly inhabited by cats. The player takes on the role of a cat whose destiny is to be a Dragon Slayer and must save the world from dragons themselves.
  • HELLO KITTY JEWEL TOWN MATCH 3 - A favorite of children and women, adorable white kitten is the main character here. This is a logical game involving matching at least three elements to each other. Apart from logical struggles, it is also possible to decorate kitty’s home. There are nearly 100 levels to overcome.
    Games with cats
  • NAUGHTY KITTIES - CATS BATTLE - the player's task is to lead a pack of kittens with supernatural power. Cats must protect the planet and fight for justice against aliens.
  • MY TALKING TOM - a game based on the virtual adoption of Tom the cat. At the beginning of the game, we find him in a box, then we have to take good care of him! You should feed him and play with him. You have to have money for Tom's needs, which you can earn by playing mini games. This is a modern version of tamagotchi. The game is seemingly simple and banal, but it is very addictive!