Mostly played titles by teenagers

Mobile phones and other mobile devices are symbols of our times. They are used not only for communication or learning, but also for entertainment. We present the ranking of the most popular mobile games teenagers play the most. Check if you know them all!

  • POU - is a game based on the care of a bizarre creature resembling a very charming potato! This is a modern version of tamagotchi. Pou should be looked after. You should often check what's going on with him. Thanks to various activities, coins are obtained, which can then be spent on various extras to make our little friend beautiful, unique and happy.
  • DOMINATIONS - is a game of the strategic genre, which consists of building a thriving and strong empire. It begins with the creation of a small settlement at the dawn of our history. The game should be developed gradually, up to modern times. The task is not simple, it requires logical and spatial thinking.
  • POKEMON GO - a game which motivates you to leave the house. Its goal is to catch Pokémon by phone in real locations. You never know where you can find a Pokémon, places can really surprise you. Remember about your own looking for these little creatures!
    Mostly played titles by teenagers
  • FARM HEROES SAGA - a puzzle game based on matching fruits and vegetables. We have to avoid losing them on our farm. There are many levels to complete in the game and the results can be compared to the results of your friends. Games with a farm in the background are exceptionally liked by the community of young players.
  • WORLD CHEF - a game which allows you to create a dream restaurant! The player becomes the manager of the local. He has to make a decision what cuisine to specialize in and then play the game so the customers are very satisfied and the restaurant thrives. This is a real challenge for future managers!