Big Bang Empire: game review

Browser games have been popular around the world for years. Many people do not have the possibility to install large games on their computers, others do not want to spend cash on boxed games. Thanks to this, the browser games industry continues to grow.

Currently, there are also plenty of genres and types of games which we are able to "give a spin" through the browser. In fact, everyone will find something for himself. Starting from very advanced RPGs, through strategic or sports games, action shooters to erotic point&clicks. Big Bang Empire is representing the last mentioned genre.

Big Bang Empire is an extremely popular erotic browser game. The plot of the game tells about the difficulties and pleasures we can encounter in the erotic industry. We play the role of an amateur at the beginning of a career in the erotic industry. During the game, we will have to perform hundreds of tasks. Some of them will be easy and pleasant, while others will be quite difficult and demanding.

Big Bang Empire: game review

Big Bang Empire is not only a point&click game but also a career simulator in the erotic industry. From rookie through popular actor to owner of a prosperous studio. We will undertake dozens of various tasks and missions. At the very beginning of the game, of course, we will create our character. We have to remember that an attractive and sexy look is the key to many doors in this industry.

In Big Bang Empire, you can meet characters modeled after popular porn actors and porn stars. The plot is quite interesting, the tasks sometimes are really demanding, but everything is sprinkled with kinky humor. Big Bang Empire provides entertainment for a few hours, especially for people who like naughty and humorous games. It is definitely worth spending a moment and getting to know the Big Bang Empire game.