How to find the best post-apo games?

Post-apo games are very popular, especially among the target group of players between 20 and 35. Post-apocalyptic motifs in games, books and movies are developing more and more, opening new fields for creators. Among post-apocalyptic games, there are RPGs, strategies, adventure games and action games. Thanks to this, everyone is able to find a title created especially for themselves.


How to find good games with post apocalyptic atmosphere? This task is not difficult. Thousands of games can be found on the gaming market. There are at least hundreds of various titles embedded in the post-apocalyptic universe. To find games that are right for you, just go to any gaming site and enter the keyword "post apocalyptic" or choose the appropriate category in the games catalog. An entire list of fantastic games embedded in the world after the apocalypse will show.


When we find a list of games embedded in the world which interests us the most, it is worth considering the genre which applies to us the most. Thanks to the variety of games, everyone will be able to find a title that suits their preferences. Certainly, there are several flagship titles in the post-apo setting.


Fans of strategies and interesting plots will find what they are looking for in the first three parts of the Fallout series. The Fallout series has been created since the 90s by  Black Isle and its third part called Fallout Tactics was created by Micro Forte - those installments are the precursors of the currently known, modern Fallout games. These fairly old games are still strategic masterpieces of their genre. A new, equally absorbing strategic game in the atmosphere of post apo is Frostpunk released in 2018.


Speaking of the Fallout series - the following parts, which are Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4, in turn, are good post-apocalyptic classic RPGs created and published by the Bethesda Studio, which purchased the rights to create the series. The new Fallouts released after 2008 charm with rich storylines and an interesting development system for the characters.

How to find the best post-apo games?

Lovers of action games and shooters will surely find what they are looking for in the Black Ops saga of the Call of Duty franchise, as well as in the Rage series. Both of these games are based on the mechanism of enemy elimination. In addition, the Call of Duty series has a special zombie mode, in which, besides the shooting and action, offers a game mode known form defender games - we have to defend against waves of zombies.


A typical FPS action game and one of the most popular post-apocalyptic games in the world is certainly the METRO series. This series has several parts. Metro has its own unique atmosphere - the citizens of Moscow after the nuclear war move into the underground and live in the corridors of the used-to-be most beautiful, Moscow metro.


There is one more game, enriched with a beautiful graphic design and a heart-catching plot, and it is called The Last of Us. The game was so good, that developers decided to create a remastered version. The game is currently waiting for the second part.