How to play games and get paid

Many players have at least once wondered if their hobby could bring them any benefits. As it turns out, many people in the world earn money by playing video games. There are many ways to get cash by playing games and we are happy to present you some of the most popular ones.

One of the most popular methods of earning by playing games is participating in tournaments. In fact, you can find a place where matches or tournaments take place almost in every bigger city. Clashes in FIFA, League of Legends or Call of Duty are the most popular. Taking part in these types of events, you can not only win interesting gifts but also cash prizes. Sometimes it turns out that someone is a really great player having outstanding results in the game. Then it is worth looking for tournaments at a higher level or starting a career in e-Sport.

How to play games and get paid

Another interesting way to earn money by playing games is to create a group of fans by opening a YouTube or Twitch channel. In this way, you can stream your games and achievements, create game guides or instructions on how to pass some levels or locations. Pretty soon, there will be an option to install paid ads on your channel or to create an account for patrons and sponsors. Many people became rich and popular because of the high skill in games and perseverance in running their own streaming channel. Becoming a popular streamer, you can expect really interesting earnings.

Making money by playing games can also be really easy and does not require any additional actions. There are various websites on the Internet which allow you to earn rewards in exchange for playing - for example Gamehag. Playing games, completing tasks and missions, or even sharing posts on the forum are rewarded with points which you can exchange for prizes. After registering on the site, all you need to do is play your favorite games just like before. After collecting some points, you can exchange them for game skins, full game versions or money.

Another method worth mentioning is… Selling your account. Many people in the world create accounts in popular MMO games. After they have entered the appropriate level and created specific character’s skills, they sell accounts with all content. Inspired by this this way of earning, you can also double your earnings from each of previously mentioned methods. Game codes, skins, upgrades, virtual cash or gaming gadgets are now valuable items which can be exchanged for real cash on Internet auctions.