War Thunder: game guide for beginners

Simulators have always been very popular among gamers. It is impossible to count all games which reflected the realities of driving a car, running a train or flying an airplane. We can add War Thunder to this last group without a doubt. It is a game created by the Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment, which has already produced several similar games.

War Thunder is an airplane simulator embedded in the reality known from World War II. The game offers an MMO and free-to-play system. There is a whole range of war machines to choose from. We can sit behind the steer of airplanes, but also tanks, anti-aircraft guns, destroyers and various war vehicles. We can play the role of soldiers who fought in real historical battles.

The game is characterized by its beautiful graphic design and highly realistic physics. You have to be careful about every move here, just like during real war. But how to start the game and get into this brutal world? Well, it's worth sticking to a few rules. It's worth remembering that at the very beginning of the game we only have the basic war machines unlocked. We do not have a lot of choice and possibilities because of this. However, there are ways to play the first clash without a constant respawn.

The most important element is setting the controls so they fit our habits and skills. You can do this in the initial game menu and it is really simple. Soon after preparing your platform for the game, it's worth playing the tutorials. Each training mission is rewarded with a huge amount of Golden Eagles or Silver Lions. These coins can be used in the future to improve your war machines or to buy new equipment.

War Thunder:  game guide for beginners

Various nations known from World War II fight against each other in the game. Germany, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each of these factions has its advantages and disadvantages and is intended for different players. Britain is the best fraction at the very beginning of the game, because most of its planes have average statistics and are easy to control, which allows you to quickly master the game. The Soviet Union is very similar, but it is worth working a bit on the technique here. The hardest fraction, in turn, is Japan with its advanced machines. The USA is a nation created mainly for bombers, as the jet fighters are poorly armored. The Germans, in turn, are created for medium players, already trained in combat and able to unlock higher-level machines.

When choosing US troops, you can choose between jet fighters and bombers - depending on the class. Buffalo is the most recommended plane. This small, ugly fighter can bear a lot. In the case of playing Russia, it's best to choose the fast and maneuverable fighters I-153 and I-16 or ŁaGG-3-11 or Su-2, which are slower but better armored. In the case of Great Britain, we will get a few RAF aircrafts at the beginning. They all work great at the beginning but it is worth to unlock the Hurricane Mk I ASAP. When playing Japan it is worth choosing the machines H6K4 and Ki-43-ll. The German team, in turn, should be interested in Bf 110 C-4 bombers or assault bombers.

Many players quickly choose their favorite plane, which they simply improve until they turn it into a war beast. The game knows cases in which people are quite good at even higher levels while flying or riding one of the basic war machines. It is therefore worth improving the elements and skills in which we feel best.

Many additional advices related to techniques of flying or setting traps on enemy planes can be found among the comments of other players on various websites. Sites such as the Gamehag forum are full of statements from members of the player community around the world. Certainly you can find here a number of tips which make it even easier to master War Thunder.